How to Find, Hire and Train Super Employees


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What Employers are really saying about their employees:

Prior to going to press,  a survey was sent to over 7000 individuals who operate, manage or are in the process of starting up their own retail or wholesale business.   The final question of the survey was as follows: 

What is the most important issue you are dealing with when it comes to your employees? 

The results were an overwhelming confirmation that many small business owners, both retail and wholesale, in the food, product or service industry, struggle with the same issues when it comes to dealing with employees.  Some of the most common responses were centered on these concerns;

  • “Accountability - no one seems to care about anything other than themselves.”
  • ​“Lack of Commitment!!”
  •  “Improve their sense of responsibility, their customer interaction skills, and their  understanding that rules & policies are there for a purpose”
  • “Willingness to work, stay motivated and get the job done right the first time."  
  • "A better  understanding of how business operates”
  • “I want them to care about the business.” 

​These and many more comments like them are the motivation for this book.  Small business employers are increasingly frustrated with the level of care and commitment they are finding with their employees.  Within these pages you will find valuable and real world techniques and advice turn your crew around "from Hopeless to Hero's"

A how to guide to get the most out of your employees through proper hiring techniques, effective initial and ongoing training and motivation techniques that really work

Available in paperback or Ereader